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Remix/Cover - Harvest / Cursed Earth (Dropkick Remix)
CabbitSD's Profile Picture Submitted by: CabbitSD
Submitted on: 12/21/2011

Description/Notes from the Artist:

"Being from Newfoundland originally, I felt an instant connection to the celtic nature of these 'jigs', and felt I had to do something to demonstrate how they fit together. The reason I call this a "Dropkick" remix is in honor of one of my favorite celtic rock bands, "The Dropkick Murphys"... they were the inspiration for this project, and I hope they would be proud. The whispered lyrics are borrowed from one of my favorite Stan Rogers' songs, "Barrett's Privateers"... The song is all about being a pirate, and has some of the darkest lyrics from any Irish or Newfie tune that I could call to mind." -CabbitSD

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Posted by: Nacho on 1/6/2012 at 3:24 PM PST

I've just got to say how f'ing awesome this remix is! Way to incorporate different styles to create seemless song with 2 songs from the game. Well done sir!

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