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Terms of Use

By viewing this website (, you agree to the following terms:

Under absolutely no circumstance can any of the files located on this website be sold. All music at was re-created by various people & the music is actually property of that song's original company and/or composer(s) (e.g. All Final Fantasy VI songs are owned by Square-Enix and/or Nobuo Uematsu). does not take responsibility for any illegal distribution and/or negligent use of any media files located on this site.

Furthermore, if you are arranging a music piece for submission onto, please understand that all media files are free to the public & anyone may have access to that file on this site. Because you are not the legal owner of any copyrighted video game music, to the best of our knowledge at there is no legal recourse if another site decides to use any media files for their own personal website and/or use. If you discover another site using your media file you arranged, can take no action & you must contact the owner of that site if you wish for that file to be removed.

Any media files on this site may be deleted at anytime without notice. If you are the company for the video game(s) music, please understand that this is for entertainment use only & this site absolutely 100% free for use. If you still do not wish to have your music on this site, please contact me to discuss this matter further and will fully cooperate under the law if any files need to be removed.

While the media files are checked for viruses, holds no responsibility to any damage done by downloading any files on this site to your computer and/or any other electronic equipment in which media files may be housed. Download at your own risk.

Any media files sent attached with a virus and/or any other sort of program with the intent to damage electronic equipment will be reported to the local authorities and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

All show/tour dates published on this site are unconfirmed. While we use an extensive screening process to find out if users are in fact legit & trust the content they publish is true, you must use your due diligence to find out if in fact the show information is true.

Any posts made in our forums become sole property of While we will not sell or transfer any personal information without consent as per our privacy policy, any ideas or anything else written in our forums may be used, sold and/or transferred by and/or third parties without consent or compensation.

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