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Most Wanted

Below is a list of items users have requested to be added to site. If you're looking for a challenge and want to help our users out, feel free to complete any of the items below. If there is an item you'd like to add, please visit the Contact Us page and tell us what item you'd like us to put up. Include in the subject "Most Wanted Request" and tell us the soundtrack, song name, file type (remix/cover, midi, piano sheet music, guitar/bass tab, or video) you are looking for. Please include any notes or specifics that you'd like others to follow (such as you are looking for a reggae remix, dance remix, etc.).

Soundtrack Song Type Notes Date
Final Fantasy XIII Mysteries Abound Piano Sheet Music 12/18/2010
Sonic CD Tidal Tempest - Good Future (JP) Guitar/Bass Tab 12/17/2010
Final Fantasy VIII ODEKA de Chocobo Piano Sheet Music 12/14/2010
Mega Man 5 Protoman Piano Sheet Music 12/14/2010
Donkey Kong Country Aquatic Ambiance MIDI Just need a basic MIDI. 12/14/2010
Final Fantasy XIII The Sunleth Waterscape Piano Sheet Music 11/20/2010
Sonic CD Sonic Boom - Opening (NA) Piano Sheet Music 11/20/2010
Final Fantasy X Challenge Remix/Cover This is begging for a rock remix, anyone want to take it on? 10/18/2010
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