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Music Content: Sonic CD


Sonic CD Image Sonic the Hedgehog CD, or simply Sonic CD, is a platform game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It marked the first official appearance of the characters Metal Sonic and Amy Rose. It was released for the Mega-CD in Japan on September 23, 1993, in Europe in October 1993, and finally in North America for the Sega CD (the North American name for the Mega-CD) on November 19, 1993. The game was ported to PC CD-ROM in 1996.

After a long adventure, presumably the events of the first game, Sonic arrives in Never Lake where the fabled Little Planet is said to appear on the last month of every year. Joining him is a female pink hedgehog named Amy Rose. They arrive to find the planet tethered to a rock by a chain and completely covered in metal, and before long a robot kidnaps Amy. It doesn't take long for Sonic to realise his arch-enemy Dr. Robotnik is responsible for the chaos, along with his latest creation, Metal Sonic, who is behind the abduction. Sonic must traverse the Little Planet and collect the Time Stones, seven jewels capable of altering the passage of time itself. With their power he can manipulate time throughout various locations on the planet, defeating Robotnik's minions in the process. His pursuits lead to confrontations with Robotnik and Metal Sonic, culminating with a race against the latter, to save Amy, and a showdown with the former.

The Japanese and North American versions feature two different soundtracks, with the European and Australian releases sharing the Japanese soundtrack. The Japanese soundtrack was composed by Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi Ogata, and featured songs by Keiko Utoku. The boss music for the Japanese version was also noted for sampling the song "Work That Sucker To Death" by '70s American artists Xavier, Bootsy Collins, and George Clinton.

The North American version was delayed a few months to have a new soundtrack composed by Spencer Nilsen, who did other Sega CD soundtracks as well as some early Sega Saturn soundtracks. All the music (save for the "Past" tunes, which were in PCM audio rather than Red Book CD Audio) was replaced, and new themes were composed. Both the opening and ending had similar lyrics but different instrumentation. This is credited as the "Special Edition for North America" soundtrack. The lyrics for the opening theme were found in the back of the game manual.

This resulted in controversy - GameFan, which had given the Japanese/European version a perfect 100% score, offered the North American release ratings in the 70% range, and made clear that this was due to the soundtrack change alone. GameFan's editor, Dave Halverson, later called it "an atrocity which remains the biggest injustice in localization history: worse than taking the farting mama out of DJ Boy, or the fruity mid-boss out of Streets of Rage 3. The company line was that American consumers weren't ready for techno... Prodigy burst onto the rave scene in the early 1990s and achieved immense popularity worldwide, but the US needed elevator music for the first arranged Sonic."

Nilsen would later state his view on the controversy: "They had all been playing the Japanese version for weeks or months before our version hit the streets, so it was like we replaced the music to Star Wars after the movie had been out for a while. From that perspective, I can't blame them." (Source: Wikipedia)

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Naofumi Hataya
Masafumi Ogata
Spencer Nilsen
David Young

Sega CD

September 23, 1993 (Japan)
November 19, 1993 (North America)



1. You Can Do Anything (JP)
2. Sonic Boom - Opening (NA)
3. Title Screen (JP)
4. Title Screen (NA)
5. Palm Tree Panic - Past
6. Palm Tree Panic - Present (JP)
7. Palm Tree Panic - Present (NA)
8. Palm Tree Panic - Good Future (JP)
9. Palm Tree Panic - Good Future (NA)
10. Palm Tree Panic - Bad Future (JP)
11. Palm Tree Panic - Bad Future (NA)
12. Collision Chaos - Past
13. Collision Chaos - Present (JP)
14. Collision Chaos - Present (NA)
15. Collision Chaos - Good Future (JP) [1 item(s)]
16. Collision Chaos - Good Future (NA)
17. Collision Chaos - Bad Future (JP)
18. Collision Chaos - Bad Future (NA)
19. Tidal Tempest - Past
20. Tidal Tempest - Present (JP)
21. Tidal Tempest - Present (NA)
22. Tidal Tempest - Good Future (JP)
23. Tidal Tempest - Good Future (NA)
24. Tidal Tempest - Bad Future (JP)
25. Tidal Tempest - Bad Future (NA)
26. Quartz Quadrant - Past
27. Quartz Quadrant - Present (JP)
28. Quartz Quadrant - Present (NA)
29. Quartz Quadrant - Good Future (JP)
30. Quartz Quadrant - Good Future (NA)
31. Quartz Quadrant - Bad Future (JP)
32. Quartz Quadrant - Bad Future (NA)
33. Wacky Workbench - Past
34. Wacky Workbench - Present (JP)
35. Wacky Workbench - Present (NA)
36. Wacky Workbench - Good Future (JP)
37. Wacky Workbench - Good Future (NA)
38. Wacky Workbench - Bad Future (JP)
39. Wacky Workbench - Bad Future (NA)
40. Stardust Speedway - Past
41. Stardust Speedway - Present (JP)
42. Stardust Speedway - Present (NA)
43. Stardust Speedway - Good Future (JP) [1 item(s)]
44. Stardust Speedway - Good Future (NA)
45. Stardust Speedway - Bad Future (JP)
46. Stardust Speedway - Bad Future (NA)
47. Metallic Madness - Past
48. Metallic Madness - Present (JP)
49. Metallic Madness - Present (NA)
50. Metallic Madness - Good Future (JP)
51. Metallic Madness - Good Future (NA)
52. Metallic Madness - Bad Future (JP)
53. Metallic Madness - Bad Future (NA)
54. Robotnik (JP)
55. Robotnik (NA)
56. Final Robotnik (JP)
57. Final Robotnik (NA)
58. Zone Clear (JP)
59. Zone Clear (NA)
60. Speed Up (JP)
61. Speed Up (NA)
62. Invincibility (JP)
63. Invincibility (NA)
64. Game Over (JP)
65. Game Over (NA)
66. Special Stage (JP)
67. Special Stage (NA)
68. Little Planet / DA Garden (JP)
69. Little Planet / DA Garden (NA)
70. Believe In Yourself (JP)
71. Sonic Boom - Credits (NA)
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