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Music Content: Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2 Image Final Fantasy X-2 is a console role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for Sony's PlayStation 2. It was released in 2003 and is the sequel to the best-selling 2001 game Final Fantasy X. The game's story follows the character Yuna from Final Fantasy X as she seeks to resolve political conflicts in the fictional world of Spira before it leads to war.

Final Fantasy X-2 set several precedents in the Final Fantasy series aside from being the first direct sequel in video game form and the second sequel in the franchise, after the anime Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals. It was the first game in the series to feature only three playable characters, an all-female main cast, and early access to most of the game's locations. Additionally, it featured a variation of the character classes system—one of the series' classic gameplay concepts—and is one of the few games in the series to feature multiple endings. Finally, it was the first Final Fantasy game in the series that didn't have any musical contributions in it from longtime composer Nobuo Uematsu.

The game was positively received by critics and was commercially successful. After nine months of being released in Japan, it sold a million copies in North America, and approximately four million copies worldwide. Final Fantasy X-2 was voted as the 32nd best game of all time by the readers of Famitsu. The English version of the game won an award for "Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance" at the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences in 2004. The game has attained a rating of 86% on Game Rankings and an 85% rating on Metacritic. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Noriko Matsueda
Takahito Eguchi

PlayStation 2

March 13, 2003 (Japan)
November 18, 2003 (North America)

Square Enix


1. Eternity ~Memory of the Lightwaves~ [2 item(s)]
2. Real Emotion
3. YuRiPa Fight No. 1
4. Yuna's Theme
5. YuRiPa Fight No. 2
6. Mission Complete
7. Sphere Hunter Gullwings Group
8. Mission Start
9. Gagazet Mountain
10. YuRiPa Fight No. 3
11. Game Over
12. Anything Is Impossible With LeBlanc!
13. I'll Give You Something Hot
14. Shuyin's Theme
15. Besaid
16. Kilika
17. Luca
18. Mi'ihen Highroad
19. Mushroom Rock Road
20. Young Alliance
21. Machina Faction
22. Guadosalam
23. Thunder Plains
24. Macalania Forest
25. Bikanel Desert
26. New Yevon Party
27. The Calm Lands
28. Zanarkand Ruins
29. Sphere Hunter
30. Temple
31. Tension
32. Gullwings Group March
33. Great Existence
34. Good Night
35. Anxiety
36. Infiltration! LeBlanc's Hideout
37. Rikku's Theme
38. Chocobo [2 item(s)]
39. Paine's Theme
40. Bevelle's Secret
41. Under Bevelle
42. Yuna's Ballad
43. Help Store Gullwings Group
44. It's Our Turn Now
45. Labyrinth
46. Confusion
47. Summoned Beast
48. Abyss of the Farplane
49. Eternity ~Band Member Performance~
50. 1000 Words
51. Nightmare of the Cave
52. Akagi Party
53. Vegnagun Starting
54. Clash
55. Struggle
56. Destruction
57. Demise
58. Ending ~Until the Day We Meet Again~
59. Epilogue ~Reunion~
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