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Music Content: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest


Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Image Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (abbreviated to DKC2) is an adventurous platform game developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) produced by Rareware and published by Nintendo. It stars Diddy Kong and his girlfriend Dixie Kong. Donkey Kong Country 2 was released on December 14, 1995 as a sequel to Donkey Kong Country and later followed by Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! in 1996. It was later also released on the Game Boy Advance in 2004 and is currently available for download on the Wii's Virtual Console, having become one of the most popular games of its age.

Donkey Kong Country 2 begins after Donkey Kong has been kidnapped by Kaptain K. Rool, leaving Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong to rescue him. Together, the two of them travel to various different and distinct parts of Crocodile Isle where the game is set. On the island, there are varying worlds. In total, there are eight. Markedly different from the previous game, Donkey Kong Country 2 was praised for having excellent graphics and being much more of a challenge to the player than the previous game. Donkey Kong Country 2 has received much critical and commercial praise, having sold millions of copies worldwide on the SNES, making it the second best selling game of 1995 and the sixth best-selling game on the platform overall. (Source: Wikipedia)

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David Wise

Super Nintendo

November 21, 1995 (Japan)
December 14, 1995 (North America)



1. Opening Fanfare
2. K. Rool Returns
3. Welcome to Crocodile Isle
4. Klomp's Romp
5. Lockjaw's Saga
6. Jib Jig
7. Swanky's Swing
8. Snakey Chantey
9. Bayou Boogie
10. School House Harmony
11. Forest Interlude
12. Funky the Main Monkey
13. Flight of the Zinger
14. Kranky's Konga
15. Hot-Head Bop [2 item(s)]
16. Run, Rambi! Run!
17. Token Tango
18. Stickerbush Symphony
19. Bad Bird Rag
20. Disco Train
21. Boss Bossanova
22. Steel Drum Rhumba
23. Krook's March
24. Klubba's Reveille
25. Haunted Chase
26. In a Snow-Bound Land
27. Lost World Anthem
28. Primal Rave
29. Crocodile Cacophony
30. Donkey Kong Rescued
31. Stronghold Showdown
32. The Flying Krock
33. Kannon's Klaim
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