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Music Content: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening


The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Image The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, is an action-adventure video game developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy. It is the fourth installment in The Legend of Zelda series and the first for a handheld game console. It was released on June 6, 1993 in Japan, August 1, 1993 in North America, and December 1, 1993 in Europe.

Link's Awakening is one of the few Zelda games that does not take place in the fictional land of Hyrule, not to feature Princess Zelda (though she is mentioned), not to feature the fictional Triforce relic, or the series primary antagonist, Ganon. Instead, the player's character, Link, begins the game stranded on Koholint Island. Learning that the island is watched over by a creature known as the Wind Fish, Link fights monsters and solves puzzles to find eight musical instruments to awaken the slumbering creature—if the Wind Fish is not awoken, Link will be trapped on Koholint Island forever.

Link's Awakening was critically and commercially successful on release. Critics praised the number of features in the handheld game and the depth, despite the absence of color graphics. Complaints included the limited two-button control scheme for using items. A remake called The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX was released for the Game Boy Color in 1998. The game features color graphics, compatibility with the Game Boy Printer, and an exclusive color-based dungeon. The DX version received higher scores than the original. Together, the two versions of the game have sold more than 6 million units worldwide, and have appeared on multiple game publications' lists as one of the best games of all time. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Kazumi Totaka
Minako Hamano
Kozue Ishikawa
Yuichi Ozaki

Game Boy

June 6, 1993 (Japan)
August 1, 1993 (North America)



1. The Storm
2. Title Screen
3. Player Select
4. Player Select -Zelda-
5. Link's Awake
6. You've Got...
7. Sword Search
8. The Wise Owl
9. Your Sword!
10. Let the Journey Begin!
11. Main Theme
12. Mabe Village
13. Inside the Houses
14. Trendy Game!
15. Shop
16. Fairy Fountain
17. Telephone Booth
18. Marin Sings the Ballad of the Wind Fish
19. Mysterious Forest
20. Cave
21. Guardian Acorn & Piece of Power
22. Adrenaline Rush!
23. Level 1 - Tail Cave
24. A Secret!
25. Treasure Remains
26. Miniboss Battle
27. Boss Battle
28. Big Heart Container
29. Instrument of the Sirens
30. Holding the Instrument
31. Full Moon Cello
32. The Moblins Took BowWow!
33. Level 2 - Bottle Grotto
34. Conch Horn
35. Richard's Villa
36. Monkey's Build a Bridge
37. Tarin is Being Chased by Bees!
38. Kanalet Castle
39. Level 3 - Key Cavern
40. Sea Lily's Bell
41. Animal Village
42. Dream Shrine ~ Upper Level
43. Dreaming in the Bed
44. Dream Shrine ~ Lower Level
45. Ocarina Song ~ Ballad of the Wind Fish
46. Ocarina Song ~ Manbo's Mambo
47. Ocarina Song ~ The Frog's Song of Soul
48. Link and Marin's Song
49. Link and Marin Talk
50. Level 4 - Angler's Tunnel
51. Surf Harp
52. Manbo's Mambo
53. The Ghost's House
54. Level 5 - Catfish's Maw
55. Wind Marimba
56. Southern Shrine
57. Level 6 - Face Shrine
58. Coral Triangle
59. The Frog's Song of Soul
60. The Flying Rooster is Alive!
61. Level 7 - Eagle's Tower
62. Grim Creeper Returns!
63. Organ of Evening Calm
64. The Turtle Awakens!
65. Level 8 - Turtle Rock
66. Thunder Drum
67. Color Dungeon
68. Mt. Tamaranch
69. Ballad of the Wind Fish
70. Wind Fish's Egg
71. We Were Born of Nightmares
72. Nightmare Battles
73. Nightmares Defeated!
74. Song of Awakening!
75. Ending
76. Staff Roll
77. The End ~ Marin Appears!
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