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Music Content: Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm


Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm Image Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm is a console role-playing game developed by Japanese developer Gust for the PlayStation 2.

Players guide their party of adventurers through the town of Zey Meruze which acts as a central hub and five different areas called Alterworlds, acting as the dungeons. In order to progress through the game, players must undertake quests which are obtained from the Raiders Guild in town. This system is a departure from previous games in the series, and allows players to undertake multiple tasks at once and to choose their own way through the game to an extent. As tasks are completed, the party gains guild points. Once enough guild points are gained for the next rank, the next part of the main plotline follows, before more side-quests in the form of tasks are made available.

When the party moves from the town to an alterworld to complete a task, a timer starts counting down. If the task is not completed before the timer runs out, the party is safely removed from the alterworld and must attempt the quest again.

Alchemy forms an important aspect of the story and gameplay, as with the other Atelier Iris games. Items are combined in the party's workshop by the character Iris, forming new items and equipment. This system is used to create attack items for combat, healing items, status attack or restoration items, weapons and armor for characters to equip and various other items.

The game also features some side story characteristics, that allow Edge to engage in conversations with some of the townspeople upon the completion of certain quests. These conversations provide additional details about the townspeople. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Ken Nakagawa
Daisuke Achiwa

PlayStation 2

June 29, 2006 (Japan)
May 29, 2007 (North America)



1. Schwarzweiss ~ Kiri No Mukou Ni Tsunagaru Sekai ~
2. Hometown Sunshine
3. About Worlds and Legends ~ Part One ~
4. About Worlds and Legends ~ Part Two ~
5. Grand Fantasm
6. Magic Words
7. Welcome to the Workshop!
8. Town of Water
9. The Sales Start at Three O'Clock
10. Where the Strong Gather
11. The Days Spent Surrounded By Old Books
12. The Light Shining Through the Stained Glass
13. On the Road With No Map
14. Entrance to the Mysterious World
15. Thunderclap
16. Trees in the Fog
17. Visiting the Ancient Castle
18. Cave of the Ancient Castle
19. Melodies of a Distant Time
20. Battle of the Fairies
21. Battle of the Bears
22. The Mysterious Crystal Valley
23. God's Garden
24. Profound
25. Dance of the Spirits
26. A Promise Made With Mana
27. Tomboy Sisters
28. Soul Boy
29. The Lonely Young Knight
30. A Dark Shadow
31. Hometown of the Spirits for Grand Fantasm
32. Haunted Girl for Grand Fantasm
33. Jingle Collection
34. Omen
35. Tutorial
36. Success!
37. Iris and Her Pleasant Company
38. A Nice Day for a Stroll
39. To the Crow Sky
40. Time for Just the Two Of Us
41. Mystery of the Heart
42. Cold Wintry
43. Unsettling Footsteps
44. Dark Clouds
45. Thunder Clouds
46. Things Thought Alone
47. A Treasured Person
48. Hometown Stars
49. Radiance of Our Greatest Treasure
50. Crash! [1 item(s)]
51. Breath of Beast
52. Criss Cross
53. Rain of Blossoms
54. Desire and Commandments [1 item(s)]
55. Eye of the Eagle
56. Delightful Moment
57. Your Status
58. To a Cheerful End
59. Movie Jingle ~ Title Logo ~
60. Movie Jingle ~ Chapter ~
61. To Be Continued
62. Flowered in the Rain
63. Lorelei
64. Taisetsu Na Kotoba
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