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Music Content: Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia


Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Image Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia is a PlayStation 2 console role-playing game produced by Banpresto and Gust.

Ar tonelico takes place in the world of Sol Ciel, which literally translates to "Sun Sky" in Latin and French, respectively, but means "Shining Sky/World" in the game's own language. The world consists of the living Tower of Ar tonelico and the Wings of Horus, a landmass connected to the lower portion of the Tower. Each section of the world above and below The Wings of Horus is designated with a specific name. The lower world is known to for its small towns and is not considered to be very technologically advanced. The upper world is very advanced, and the Floating City of Platina is even considered to be a holy sanctuary by the Church of Elemia from the lower world.

Ar tonelico has been criticized for being 'too easy' and not presenting much of a challenge, however, it has been looked upon kindly by members of the press, with VGRC saying "If you're looking for the next epic RPG, you will not find it here. However, if you want something fresh in this tired and stale genre, Ar tonelico will most certainly deliver." It was also given an 8/10 by, stating "It is easily one of the more light hearted role playing games on the market and the characters are interesting, to boot, but it is the unique way in which you interact with characters that truly makes this title stand out." (Source: Wikipedia)

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Akira Tsuchiya
Ken Nakagawa
Daisuke Achiwa

PlayStation 2

January 26, 2006 (Japan)
February 6, 2007 (North America)



1. Singing Hills
2. A Requiem's Melody
3. Audhumla
4. Fresh Green Lands
5. The Morning Dew Melts
6. Fenrir
7. Salute!
8. A Peaceful Song
9. A Single Breath
10. A Song For Counting the Memories
11. Tick Tock Man
12. Overcoming Hardships
13. Vidarr
14. Scars
15. Your Feelings
16. Brave Beat
17. The Sunset Sky is a Deep Red
18. Airport Paradise
19. Merk
20. Matta Living
21. Screaming Seagull
22. Filthy Shop Business
23. Conglomerate Alliance TENBA
24. Creeping Premonition
25. Berserkr
26. Singing Girl
27. The Other Side of Memories
28. Sigh of Town
29. Psyco Dive
30. Pocoscon
31. What My World is Wishing For
32. Pulse
33. Sacrifice Song
34. Silver
35. Hawkeye
36. Fefnir
37. Shooting Star
38. Pulse ~ Elemia Arrange ~
39. Try Again!
40. Ancient Memories
41. The Azure Sky
42. Prayer
43. Go for It!
44. Phosphorescence
45. Waterdrop
46. Whirlwind
47. Dokkoi Half-Price Sale!
48. Close Call
49. Vidohunir
50. Conspiracy
51. Nidohogg
52. Get!
53. Sky Town
54. Sky
55. Good Job!
56. Whisper
57. Bifrost
58. Loki [1 item(s)]
59. Cirrocumulus Clouds Flowing
60. Hell - Aurica's Castle
61. Good night!
62. Sleipnir
63. AT inside ~ Disaster ~
64. AT inside ~ Resonance ~
65. Tower of AT
66. Voice of Joined Lives AE
67. Lost Performance - Paradox
68. Playing the Resounding Horn
69. Valhalla
70. Valkyrja
71. Rumbling
72. Imperatrix
73. Elegy
74. Chronicle of Gene
75. Song of the Breeze OA
76. Voice of Joined Lives
77. Final Chapter - Illusionary Gene
78. Phantasmagoria
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