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Music Content: Sonic the Hedgehog 3


Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Image Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (often abbreviated and officially titled in Europe and Australia as Sonic 3) is a platform game and the 4th installment in the Sonic the Hedgehog series for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. It was developed in the United States by members of Sonic Team working at Sega Technical Institute, and was published by Sega, debuting worldwide in the first half of 1994. The game is closely tied to its direct sequel Sonic & Knuckles, as the two games were originally one until time constraints and cartridge costs forced the game to be split into two interlocking parts.

The Sonic 3 storyline commences shortly after the end of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Dr. Robotnik's space station, the Death Egg, has been knocked out of its orbit after his mech suit exploded in a final showdown with Sonic, causing critical damage to the ship. However, instead of impacting the planet, the Death Egg crash-lands on a mystical floating landmass called Angel Island that had previously been reputed only by legend to exist. As Dr. Robotnik begins to repair the ship, he meets up with Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles is the last surviving member of an ancient civilization of Echidnas that once inhabited the island, whose ruins and relics are scattered throughout. He is also the guardian of the Master Emerald, which grants the island its levitation powers.

Knowing Sonic and Tails will try to track him down, and realizing he can use the Master Emerald to power the ship, Dr. Robotnik tricks Knuckles into believing Sonic is trying to steal his Emerald. Shortly after, Sonic and Tails in their bi-plane, the Tornado, are in search of Dr. Robotnik. Sonic then turns into Super Sonic. As soon as they arrive, Knuckles ambushes Sonic from underground with such force, he knocks the Chaos Emeralds from him, returning him to normal. Stunned, Sonic can only watch as Knuckles steals the Emeralds and disappears inland. As Sonic and Tails travel through the levels, they encounter Knuckles in almost every level. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Bobby Brooks
Brad Buxer
Geoff Grace
Doug Grigsby III

Sega Genesis

February 2, 1994 (North America)
May 27, 1994 (Japan)



1. Title Screen
2. Competition Menu
3. Azure Lake
4. Balloon Park
5. Chrome Gadget
6. Desert Palace
7. Endless Mine
8. Continue Race Results
9. Data Select Screen
10. Angel Island Zone Act 1 [1 item(s)]
11. Angel Island Zone Act 2
12. Hydrocity Zone Act 1
13. Hydrocity Zone Act 2
14. Marble Garden Zone Act 1
15. Marble Garden Zone Act 2
16. Act 1 Boss
17. Act 2 Boss
18. Game Over
19. Knuckles Theme
20. Extra Life
21. Act Cleared
22. Invincible
23. Gumball Machine Bonus Stage
24. Special Stage
25. Carnival Night Zone Act 1
26. Carnival Night Zone Act 2
27. Icecap Zone Act 1
28. Icecap Zone Act 2
29. Launch Base Zone Act 1
30. Launch Base Zone Act 2
31. Final Boss
32. Fanfare
33. Staff Credits
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