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Music Content: Mega Man X8


Mega Man X8 Image Mega Man X8, known as Rockman X8 in Japan, is a video game developed by Capcom for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console. The gameplay of Mega Man X8 is similar to the other games in the series, in which the player must complete a series of stages. Defeating their bosses will earn that player character its special weapon. Although Mega Man X8 uses 3D graphics, the development team chose not to opt for 3D gameplay.

The story is set during the late 21XX. The Reploid rebellions across the past years continue, seemingly with no possible solution. To escape these troubles, mankind has begun the next generation of research and development by constructing an orbital elevator able to take equipment and handwork to the moon which they seek to colonize. This operation is labeled as the "Jakob Project", with the orbital elevator bearing its name, and a Reploid named Lumine is placed in charge of the project. As another part of the project, an advanced generation of Reploids is dispatched to the moon surface in order to work on the project. These New Generation Reploids are able to use DNA data to change their shapes. They are the perfect workers because they can change their shape according to a task, and have subroutines built in to prevent them from going Maverick. Everything seems to be running smoothly until Vile kidnaps Lumine for unknown reasons. It becomes the Maverick Hunters' mission to rescue him. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Yuko Komiyama
Naoto Tanaka
Shinya Okada

PlayStation 2

December 7, 2004 (North America)
March 10, 2005 (Japan)



1. Theme of "Mega Man X8"
2. Noah's Park
3. Intrusion Crabz-Y
4. VS Maverick
5. Troia Bass ~ Passage
6. Troia Bass ~ Forwarding
7. Primrose
8. Pitch Black ~ Sneaking
9. Pitch Black ~ Discovery
10. Dynasty
11. Inferno ~ Descending
12. Inferno ~ Going Up
13. Central White
14. Metal Valley ~ Evade
15. Metal Valley ~ Overheat
16. Booster Forest
17. Booster Forest ~ Ride Armor "CYCLOPS"
18. VS Boss Demo
19. VS 8Boss
20. Angry 8Boss
21. Jakob
23. Gateway
24. Gateway ~ Escape
25. VS CopySigma
26. Sigma Palace
27. VS Sigma Demo
28. VS Sigma
29. VS Lumine ~ The first form
30. VS Lumine Demo
31. VS Lumine ~ The second form [1 item(s)]
32. Paradise Lost
33. Intermission
34. Dr. Light's Capsule
35. Title
36. Hunter Base ~ Going to the front
37. Hunter Base ~ Doubt
38. Hunter Base ~ Wickedness
39. Stage Start
40. Stage Clear
41. Weapon Get!
42. Result
43. Menu
44. Save & Load
45. Option
46. Demo ~ Deepening mystery
47. Demo ~ Sorrow
48. Demo ~ Perplexity
49. Demo ~ Advancement
50. Demo ~ With The Hunter Base
51. Ending
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