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Music Content: Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger Image

Remixes & Covers

From the video game soundtrack: Chrono Trigger

COMPOSER(S): Yasunori Mitsuda
Nobuo Uematsu
Noriko Matsueda
SYSTEM: Super Nintendo
RELEASE DATE: March 11, 1995 (Japan)
August 22, 1995 (North America)
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Submitted By Song Name Songs Included Date
SpudDastardlyMarch of the FrogFrog's Theme (Chrono Trigger)1/24/2011
SpudDastardlyStrings of TimeCreeping through the Sewers (Chrono Trigger), Magus Confronted (Chrono Trigger), Yearnings of the Wind (Chrono Trigger), Chrono Trigger (Chrono Trigger)1/18/2011
SpudDastardlyUndersea PalaceOcean Palace (Chrono Trigger)1/11/2011
SpudDastardlyMillenial FairGuardia's Millennial Fair (Chrono Trigger)1/3/2011
SpudDastardlyBlack DreamBlack Omen (Chrono Trigger)12/27/2010

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