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News & Notes
SOPA & PIPA Dropped!!! (1/20/2012 5:54 PM PST)

Who says people can't make a difference? Today, the SOPA & PIPA bills were dropped by Congress. Even a commentator from China gave America props, saying:

"We should learn something from the way these American Internet companies protested against SOPA and PIPA. A free and democratic society depends on every one of us caring about politics and fighting for our rights. We will not achieve it by avoiding talk about politics."

I know politics isn't popular and some wish to avoid it, but what happened on Wednesday was truly historic and wouldn't of happened if people didn't stand up for what they believe in. Give yourself a pat on the back if you helped participate.

Stop SOPA & PIPA (1/19/2012 3:21 PM PST)

I think it's important for everyone to know about the SOPA and PIPA bills being introduced in congress. Not only are these bills so vague that it could allow the government to seize domains without due process, many of the sites you enjoy could be blocked. All overseas websites could be blocked and many free websites including FACEBOOK, GOOGLE and WIKIPEDIA could be seized as well if they don't monitor every speck of information that passes through.

The bills basically give the government rights to seize and/or block websites that show any sort of "copyright" infringement. That means you will no longer be able to use Google's image search. You will no longer be able to post a picture of your favorite actor, athlete or artist on Facebook. Wikipedia could be shut down because they don't have the funds to monitor every bit of information that is posted.

One politician says, "The Stop Online Piracy Act helps stop the flow of revenue to rogue websites and ensures that the profits from American innovations go to American innovators." The problem is that these are the same politicians that promote tax breaks to companies that move their factories overseas. Politicians are supposed to be the voice of the people and the people are saying NO to these bills. Unfortunately, once again politicians are not acting in the service of its citizens, but rather special interest groups and lobbyists that put money in their pockets. When will the hypocrisy end?

There is no doubt our economy still has a ways to go, but shutting down websites is not the solution. Politicians got us here in the first place and in their pathetic attempts to improve our economy, they are limiting the resources of their citizens even more.

Our very rights for free speech on the internet are in serious jeopardy. Please visit for more information on the matter and see what you can do to help.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Album Project (9/7/2011 6:19 PM PST)

We still have room for more artists to participate on our album project. You can do any remix for any song from any video game!

We have very professional artists already partipating. When the album is complete, it will be advertised on this site, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It's a great way to be promoted as an artist and be associated in a ground breaking project for the site!

Please contact CabbitSD if you'd like to participate (you'll need to sign up for an account in order to send messages).

And We're Back on Track! (4/27/2011 9:05 PM PST)

If you noticed, there weren't any updates done to this website in some time. Unfortunately I had a very difficult incident occur in my life which required my full attention.

The good news is that has passed and I'm ready to focus on video game music again! Thanks to those who still were submitting and visiting the site.

Album Project Starting to Roll (2/19/2011 9:16 PM PST)

For those of you who have expressed interest in the album project, I've created a back section for those of us participating to communicate. When you log in, you'll notice there is a "GS Album Page" link. Go ahead and click on that to go to the back section.

If you would like to participate on the album project, please let me know and I'll add you to the list!

The project will start around March 1st.

Out of Commission (2/13/2011 8:16 PM PST)

I've been knocked out with a nasty little flu and have been unable to do any updates during that time. As soon as I'm well enough, I'll review and approve all pending files. Also, I'll be sending out an e-mail to those who showed interest in the first ever album. Just an FYI, we'll be starting soon and I'm going to participate as well. If anybody else is interested, just let me know. Talk to you guys soon.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! (1/26/2011 12:10 AM PST)

Hopefully you picked up on the Bowie reference but awww yes, changes have been made!

Where to start.... well, you may have noticed the front page is different. I've decided to advertise our most recent additions right off the bat when someone enters the site, so the most recent one and the 5 others after that will show up.

There is a search bar now on the left hand side underneath the navigation buttons.

Users can now put special characters into their remix/cover titles and video titles. Plus, now users who submit videos can type up a description about their video as well!

You'll also notice that songs will automatically play now when someone goes onto the page.

Moving on, I've contact several of you about a small album project and have had some positive responses. So, now that the changes are done, I will be focusing on creating a page for everyone who will be participating on the project. Look out for an e-mail from me in the coming weeks.

Thanks to everyone who keeps participating, the files are awesome, keep em coming!

Happy New Year! (1/3/2011 10:51 PM PST)

I hope everyone out there had a safe and happy new year. Just wanted to let people know that's I've got a busy schedule coming up so my time to work on any changes or features to the site will take awhile.

I will however, still be checking and approving submissions, so please keep sending those in. SpudDastardly has been submitting some excellent cover pieces from Chrono Trigger, so make sure to check those out.

My New Years resolution for myself is to get back to playing my bass and guitar on a regular basis, so hopefully I'll be able to work with you guys on some projects in the near future!

Merry Christmas Everyone! (12/24/2010 12:55 PM PST)

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I'll be MIA for a couple days, but thank you to all who have been participating on the site and making it grow slowly but surely. This site couldn't be what it is without ya. Thanks again!

I Need Sleep! (12/16/2010 2:12 AM PST)

Hello fellow fans and listeners! It's 2 AM in the morning and I'm finally going to bed. Why am I up so late? I was adding a new feature to of course!

Due to requests, you now have the power to reply to comments directly on all the files. But wait, there's more! If someone posts a comment on a file that YOU submitted, you will receive an e-mail notification that someone has done so! You may also be asking, "Can you do this if someone replies to a comment I made?" And the answer is, YES, I made that possible as well!

If you are thinking "I don't want these notifications" or maybe your thinkings "Sweet, how do I get these notifications?", simply just sign in, click "Edit Profile", then click "Edit Personal Information" and then set your E-Mail Notifications to either on or off, it's that simple!

On another note, if you haven't been checking out our awesome new files, then come on, get with it! Spoony_Bard has uploaded a couple new awesome Final Fantasy VII and IX covers. CabbitSD has been keeping us entertained with some awesome videos. Nrgeticdave posted a video with his own sweet remix/rendition of Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Always appreciate Bregalad sending in his new MIDI files when they become available. You also have SpudDastardly, who has been busy busy busy! Not only does he continue to send in awesome piano remixes/covers, but he's been submitting sheet music AND taking care of some of our Most Wanted requests! He also posted a link to our site which attracted a lot of visitors!

A BIG BIG thank you to all of you for participating and making this site grow!

We've got a nice little niche going, as we have those who are participating in almost all the aspects of the site. Continue to spread the word, tell those to come on the site, and let's make this the most fun, resourceful and entertaining video game music site out there!

New Member (12/2/2010 2:54 PM PST)

I'd like to introduce SpudDastardly to the site! He submitted a sweet piano remix called If Bowser Could Play the Piano, which is a rendition of Sub Castle BGM from Super Mario World. Check it out when you can!

I finally transcribed a piece of sheet music from Secret of Mana for your playing pleasure. It's the main theme, called Fear of the Heavens. For whatever reason this song took awhile to transcribe, but hopefully you'll appreciate my hard work!

I've been asked how they can help promote this site, the best way is through our social media outlets. Click on our Facebook, Twitter and MySpace links to the left of this page and help spread the word. Thank you again to all who have been participating, this site wouldn't be nearly as fun without you!

And We Have Videos! (11/29/2010 1:46 PM PST)

Many many thanks to CabbitSD who has submitted the first videos on this site! He's got some great ones, including a tribute to the Chocobo Theme from the Final Fantasy Series, a take on Spinach Rag from Final Fantasy VI, a mixture of 2 great battle songs from Final Fantasy IV & V and a sweet mixture of Chrono Trigger & Green Memories from Chrono Trigger! Welcome to the site!

We're doing pretty good, we're getting a good amount of hits from the search engines and our participation is increasing. Remember, this site is for you guys who put in the creativity for video game music. If there are any changes or ways you believe we can make this site better, please let us know!

Happy Thanksgiving! (11/24/2010 11:31 PM PST)

Just wanted to wish everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope all is well and you eat until you can't eat no more! Smile

Covers, Sheet Music and a Remix (11/19/2010 10:19 PM PST)

A few happenings on the site since I last posted.

First, a big welcome to Spoony_Bard who, since joining the site, has submitted 4 amazing covers! You can listen to those here.

I've also submitted a bunch of sheet music to site, those can be viewed here. Remember, if there are any songs that you would like transcribed for the piano, guitar or bass, feel free to submit those requests to our Most Wanted board.

Last but not least, also like to welcome Psyguy to the site! He submitted a very sweet remix of Hill Top Zone from the Sonic 2 soundtrack. You can listen to it here.

One last thing, if you have any suggestions on how to improve the site, please let us know! Just visit the Contact Us page and let us know what we can do!

New Content (11/12/2010 9:38 AM PST)

Sorry its been awhile since I've updated, I've been working a lot and got a nasty cold that knocked me out of commission.

Just wanted to mention some of the new content on the site. DeathOfRespect created a cool remix from a mixture of songs from the Kick Master soundtrack, check out Sans Punching.

Also wanted to welcome NoEscape to our community! He contributed two remixes himself from the Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm, Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia and Fire Emblem soundtracks. Check out When Do We Fight and The Fire Within.

I'm always looking to improve the site, so please, send me any feedback on what you would like to see on this site. Just visit the Contact Us page and let me know.

If you are a visitor and can't find what you are looking for, remember, you can always request a file to be added to our site and our community can help you! Just visit the Most Wanted page for more information.

Thanks again to all those who have been participating and visiting, hope to see you again soon!

A Successful First Week + (10/24/2010 8:55 PM PST)

A BIG thank you to all of those who have been participating on this site. We have had 13 sign ups and 190+ files added in the first week +, much more than I could of ever expected.

We've had some very positive responses to this site, so keep those good vibes coming! Tell everyone you know who loves video game music to visit and we can turn this into a big community and resource for everything video game music!

Some things I'd like to work into the future are contests, remixed/covered albums and user reviews for soundtracks!

In the meantime, check out the awesome remixes from Vault92 and ViRiX!

Keep the submissions coming guys! Smile

Let There Be Remixes! (10/21/2010 10:58 PM PST)

Up until now we had one remix, now we have 5!

Big thanks to Evahn for submitting 3 remixes, including an awesome version of Warp Zone from Super Mario Bros. 3! Check out his remixes here.

Also another big thanks to DeathOfRespect for his awesome song Asphalt Remix, which is a remix of Conrete Jungle from Mega Man 9.

So we are officially at the end of week 1 and we've had 11 sign ups! That puts us at a great pace so we can turn this site into a mainstay in the video game music community.

Thank you all who continue to visit and continue to make this website thrive! Smile

More Thanks (10/19/2010 9:05 PM PST)

I wanted to thank BonsteelAudio for his MIDI submissions! He submitted 55 MIDI's yesterday, making the site grow just a little bit more. You can view his submissions here.

Also I uploaded piano sheet music and guitar/bass tabs for Overworld 1 from Super Mario Bros. 3, so go check it out here if you are interested in learning how to play!

Thank you to all who have participated so far. Of course I'll be continuing to advertise and market this site but still remember to tell all those who love video game music to come and visit!

Wowza! (10/18/2010 4:01 PM PST)

A big BIG thank you to Bregalad who submitted 97 midi files today! Most of them are Final Fantasy MIDI's and are really well done. You can view his submissions here.

I've noticed a lot of people have been looking for Donkey Kong Country sheet music. So, as a bonus, I transcribed the song Aquatic Ambiance for piano and guitar/bass! Check out the files here.

Remember, if you come to this website and can't find what you are looking for, you can send in a request for a new submission to the site! Visit the Most Wanted section for more information.

We've had a good number of signups and participation so lets keep at it! Tell everyone you know who loves video game music to come on and participate!

A thank you to the following other users who have signed up and participated: Matth3wSe1d0n, BonsteelAudio

Chugging Along (10/17/2010 8:37 AM PST)

I wanted to use this opportunity to thank a couple of people who have contributed to this site early on.

First I'd like to thank Chris Holland, who submitted an awesome remix/cover of Beware the Forest's Mushrooms from Super Mario RPG. You will forever be remembered as the first one to participate!

Second, I'd like to thank Thomash Lee for allowing us to use his assorted Final Fantasy MIDI's. While the MIDI's are under my name, I have given Thomash full credit. Thank you Thomash!

So we are getting some activity, but we still need more content! Even if you are just a listener, we'd love to have your opinions on the message boards and even request specific files for the site. Remember all the things we offer, we'll host videos, music, MIDI's, piano sheet music, guitar/bass tabs, tour/performance dates, etc. All you have to do is click here to register for your free account!

Thank you for visiting!

We Need Content! (10/15/2010 9:14 PM PST)

We've had some good traffic for our "first" day but we need to beef this site up! I've added some piano sheet music and guitar/bass tabs for a couple songs but of course I'd love to have you submit some content too!

Remember, if you are a band you can promote tour/performance dates, add songs/videos, etc. If you like to transcribe music, you can add piano sheet music or guitar/bass tabs. If you create MIDI's, you can submit those as well!

All you have to do is sign up for a FREE account! You can click the link at the top of the page or click here to sign up!

We are also signed up through many different social networks, including Facebook, Twitter & MySpace. Just click the links on the navbar to the left to get to our respected pages.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

Up & Running! (10/14/2010 6:14 PM PST)

Hello everyone! If you have visited this site before, you'll see there have been DRASTIC changes. After lots of hard work, is now fully interactive!

You'll need to sign up for an account, but you'll be able to submit files, use the message board, create a profile and more. I want those who cover video game music to be able to promote themselves and those who are just visiting to have the best experience possible.

There are lots of things you can do, from submitting a cover/remix, to submitting MIDI files, to submitting sheet music (piano/guitar/bass), to submitting videos. If you are in a band (or maybe you fly solo) you can even post tour dates to let others know about your performance!

If you are ready to submit now, just remember because there are just a limited number of soundtracks posted doesn't mean you can't submit files for them. Just follow the submission instructions and you can submit handtyped files as well.

Since this site is brand new (so to speak), there are limited files, but I want YOU to spread the word and to participate as well. Let's grow this site to a community where others can share their creativity, enthusiasm and love for video game music!

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